gALPHA’s hybrid hackathon/accelerator format works with would-be entrepreneurs who are not yet working on startup ideas or are very early stage.  gALPHA will help them identify promising business models, design minimum viable products (MVPs) or MVP roadmaps capable of being built without access to financing or attract co-founders.

Deliverables during gALPHA include:

  • Product Development: Participants will ideate, validate and build minimum viable products (MVPs).
  • Culture: gALPHA participants will experience first-hand the challenges, but also tremendous benefit, of iterating quickly with minimal resources in solving business problems.

  • Methodology: Participants will come away with a roadmap for testing new ideas through the design of an MVP with minimal working capital.


Summer 2017: gALPHA Beloit

Irontek (635 Third St, Beloit)


We are also taking nominations for participants. If you'd like to nominate someone you know, please email Sam Petre, director of the program at

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